19 - 27 August

Gardens of Santa Clotilde, Lloret de Mar

L’amant malalta

After achieving number 1 on the sales charts (physical and streaming) with Per la bona gent (Ceràmiques Guzmán, 2019) -and becoming the only artist to achieve it four consecutive times with albums sung in Catalan-, MANEL began a tour that would be fatally interrupted by the pandemic. Far from settling in, the Barcelona band returned to the stage in mid-2020 with the best show of their career and took the opportunity to finish off three unreleased songs.

Produced by New Yorker Jake Aron, L'amant malalta is more (much more) than an appendix to MANEL's commitment -always risky and radically contemporary-, for the combination of tradition and electronics: it is a step that expands the frontiers of his pop open to hip hop, R&B, synthesizers and everything you can imagine. The first EP by Guillem Gisbert, Martí Maymó, Roger Padilla and Arnau Vallvé intertwines live with a repertoire that is already history. A story that, beyond its almost half a thousand concerts throughout the Iberian geography, but also in places as diverse as the United States, Argentina, Mexico, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany and the Philippines, has only just begun.